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Services to Make You Feel Your Most BeYOUtiful!


Our stylists are experienced in working with any type of hair, from coarse and curly to thin and straight. With thorough training and a fun, helpful atmosphere, you’ll feel at ease in BeYOUtiful Salon, and know that you’re going to leave loving your new look. If you have any questions about our services or stylists, contact us!


No matter what kinds of extensions you’re looking for, our stylists are happy to help! From machine weft extensions in different styles for different hair, to tape in extensions for a less permanent, more glamorous look, your new look is just an appointment away! Looking for other services? Visit our Hair Services page!


Looking for other services? BeYOUtiful Salon can help! We offer hair cuts, styles, and chemical services, lash extension services, tanning, and even wedding services! We’d love to help you feel your most beYOUtiful for your special day or even just for any day, so call us to get an appointment on the books!

Hair Extensions

All of our service providers are highly qualified and go through an extensive training program to learn a high level of skill and service. Please contact the salon directly if you have any questions about pricing or visit our FAQ page to learn more.

Tape-In Extensions

Tape-in extensions are a great option if you’d like to switch up your look without the commitment of sewn-in extensions. Because they are thinner and made with medical grade tape that lies against the scalp, they are easy to hide in thinner hair but do not weigh down thick hair, either, making these types of extensions great for any type of hair! They are lower maintenance than other extensions, take less time for installation, and are easier to remove when need be.

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Machine Weft Extensions

Machine weft extensions are made with thicker, more durable wefts sewn together by a specialized sewing machine. Because of this construction, these extensions are more durable and last longer in your hair than tape ins. These types of extensions can be styled and will look great for a long time! Ask your stylist for more information about the different types of machine weft extensions!

  • Machine Weft Extensions are best for thick hair
  • Co-Z Extensions are suitable for thick or thin hair
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Hand-Tied Extensions

Hand-tied extensions are also made from wefts that can be cut and customized to the shape and size of your head, but because the hair is tied by hand into a weft, they are thinner and easier to hide. Because of this thinner weft, hand-tied extensions are ideal if you want extensions in thin hair.

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Our team members and stylists are excited to help you achieve the length and volume you’ve been dreaming of with expertly installed hair extensions! Learn more about our stylists who can help you by visiting the Our Team page, or contact us today to speak with us and book your appointment! We look forward to making you feel your most BeYOUtiful self today!

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