Wedding Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know

Wedding Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know

When you’re planning your wedding, you want to make sure that you’re prepared to look your best for your big day! After all, you’ll not only be taking photos of everything all day, but you’ll be seeing many of your friends and family who are excited to be celebrating your big day with you! With all the pressure to look and feel your best, it can be easy to get stressed out about your wedding day look. Whether you’re doing your own makeup or booking professional wedding day makeup services, keeping these makeup tips in mind will help you love your bridal look on your wedding day!

Healthy skin is a great foundation

Build a Great Foundation

Your makeup will look its best when you’re building on a great foundation! This doesn’t just mean a foundation product that looks great on your skin, either. Instead, make sure your makeup has a happy, healthy canvas to rest on by taking care of your skin and maximizing your skin’s health. However, don’t rush out to the med spa for a slew of facials, serums, or treatments! Instead, if you have skin concerns, gradually build up your skin health by treating with gentle, gradual changes to ensure your face has time to adjust and is healthy and glowing in the months before your big day. Too many harsh treatments or changes to your routine quickly can potentially create more issues, so be sure to do your research before trying a new skin care product or treatment.

Natural makeup can look bridal, too!

Stick with What You Love

Planning a wedding day is exciting for everyone! When you’re planning your big day, you will inevitably receive advice and suggestions from everyone around you, regardless of whether or not you’ve asked for it. With so many opinions swirling around in your head, it can be easy to lose sight of the look you originally wanted, especially if there are others telling you that it won’t look good or doesn’t suit you. However, you’ll feel and look your best when you’re comfortable with your look. After all, your wedding day is all about you and your partner, and celebrating your love! While it can be helpful to keep others’ opinions in mind when choosing your wedding day makeup, stick with your gut and create a look that you love. This will help you feel more confident and focus on enjoying your celebration instead of worrying about how you look during your wedding day!

Woman trying out her wedding makeup at a trial appointment

Trial-Run Before Your Big Day!

Once you’ve decided on your wedding day makeup look, it can be tempting to cross that task off your list and forget about it until your big day. However, we encourage brides to trial-run their look before the big day! Even if you’re working with a professional makeup artist, the makeup you have in mind may not look the way you expect it to when it’s on your face. There are also other factors that may change the way your makeup looks, like specific lighting types, or whether or not the products you’re using photograph well. To ensure that you love your look and you or your makeup artist is ready to create the perfect look for your celebration, set up a trial run first. If you’re doing your makeup yourself, make sure you try recreating the look a couple of times before your big day so you’re able to put on your makeup with confidence and without delaying your wedding day schedule. Many wedding makeup artists offer trial run packages or deals that pair with their day-of services, too.

Different products work for different brides

Brand-Name Products Aren’t Always Better

When it comes to makeup products, there is always a heated debate on whether prestige brand names are inherently better than ‘drug-store’ or lower-priced products. However, we suggest that brides find the products that work best for their skin and needs, regardless of brand name or price point. Because everybody’s skin is different and every product will work differently, there is no definitive guide on which products are the best! Instead, work with your makeup artist to try out different products or experiment on your own with products that look and feel the best on your skin. During your trial run or consultation with your makeup artist, make sure to discuss which products you’ve had success with in the past, if any products cause your skin to break out or are irritating to your skin, and if you have a preference for makeup brand attributes (like vegan or cruelty-free products).

Set yourself up for success with wedding makeup and create a look you’ll love for years to come by utilizing these four tips from the experts at BeYOUtiful Salon in Belton! Get in touch with us today to get your wedding day makeup and hair on the books!