Things To Think About Before You Chop Your Hair

Things To Think About Before You Chop Your Hair

When you’ve decided to go for the big chop, it’s such an exciting feeling! While you might be daydreaming of all the cute, shorter hairstyles you want to try, or how much less time you’ll be spending on your hair each day, there are some important considerations you need to make before you actually let your stylist take their shears to your locks. Here are four things that BeYOUtiful Salon suggests you think about before you chop your hair!

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Make Sure It's The Right Time

We all know at least one or two friends who’ve done it: the breakup chop. When you’re going through a big change in your life, changing up your hairstyle feels like not only a great way to visually represent that change, but it can also help you with a feeling of control, too. However, if you have big events coming up soon, like a wedding, graduation, or family photos, it’s important to consider how you’ll want to look in photos for those events. If you’ve never had short hair before, you might find your appearance less than satisfying, so be aware of the potential outcomes. However, if you love the way you look with short hair, then go for it!

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Take Your Hair Texture Into Account

Your hair texture is going to make a big difference in the kind of style that your chop will end up as. Whether you have dense, curly hair or fine, straight hair, your chop might not always look like what you’re hoping for unless you’re willing to style it. With curly hair, many people find that short bobs can end up looking more like a bubble or helmet (which is cute, if you’re going for that look!), and with thinner, straighter hair, certain short styles could look like french bobs. Make sure you work with your stylist to get an accurate picture of what your new style will look like.

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Go To A Stylist That You Trust

Of course, when you’re talking to your stylist about your new cut, you want to make sure that they have your best interests in mind while they chop! Whether you’re deciding to donate your hair or you just need a change in length, a stylist you can trust can make sure that your hair looks great and you leave the salon feeling your best! With a stylist you trust, like those of us at BeYOUtiful Salon, you’ll not only have expert hands cutting your hair, but expert advice and products at your fingertips so you can keep your hair looking salon-fresh for months to come!

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Bring Pictures Of What You Want!

One of the best ways to communicate with your stylist about the new look you’re going for is through pictures! While there are a lot of terms in the hair industry that mean generally the same thing across the board, what you’re thinking of might not always be obvious just through words. Try browsing online inspiration boards or looking through magazines to find cuts and styles you love, and try to pin or save ones with hair textures that look similar to yours, too! This will help your stylist achieve the look you’re going for most easily!

Going for the big chop after growing your hair out can be a really fun experience! At BeYOUtiful Salon, we look forward to helping customers like you feel your most beYOUtiful self with a new and gorgeous shorter style! Call us today to make your big chop appointment!